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Texas Emergency Rule: Asbestos Online Refresher Training

The state has allow for in-person asbestos refresher training to be conducted online, live. Additional standards must be met during this emergency rule, which lasts 120-days (subject to any extensions). Read the Full Rule Here

TBJ Article: Law in a Time of Pandemic

The Texas Bar Journal recently published an article about how the bar responded to the Spanish Rule between 1918-1920. Written by Mr. Stephen Pate, the article discusses how courts began closing in October 1918, with Tarrant County deciding to close all courts until the “epidemic had subsided”. Could you imagine the same being done today?…

Texas Bar Association Proposed Rule 13.05

In the June 2020 Texas Bar Journal, the Committee on Disciplinary Rules and Referenda proposed a new rule regarding the Voluntary Appointment of Custodian Attorney to Act During Disability. Rule 13.05 would allow for another attorney to step-up and help cover another attorney’s matters for up to 120-days if there is a temporary disability. This…

Statutory Spine?

Emergency Management derives much of its authority from the law. In some cases, Emergency Management wouldn’t exist without it. This is readily prevalent in various countries throughout the globe who are now considering their statutory framework for disaster response (See With that, the 2005 Hyogo Framework for Action (superseded by the Sendai Framework for…

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